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Bart Lang


19th of August 1994

Road Car 

Suzuki Ignis Sport

Rally Car 

Nissan Micra & LPRS Suzuki Swift



Bart Lang has been trained as a rally driver from the age of 11 to achieve his dream of becoming a top level driver in the WRC. Langley Park Rally School took him on from somebody who had never driven front wheel drive on gravel to winning rounds of the British Junior Autocross Championship to his first proper rally in a Suzuki Swift (3rd in class). Langley Park now support Bart Lang in his Nissan Micra for the national championship in 2014. Always held back by a budget the size of a postage stamp, a micra was the obvious choice for Bart and the 1.0 championship was the only one he can afford. Only 3/9 rallies saw him off the podium in his first ever year and the fastest stage times came all season, proving his serious pace so early on. Next year promises to improve on his 3rd in class in his first ever season of rallying with the support of Langley Park Rally School behind him. In 2015, he is aiming to make his assault on the British Championship, provided he manages to find some support!

Bart instructs on every session at Langley Park except when he is away on a rally. He is always cheerful in the car, adding an element of fun to his serious car control knowledge gained by years of driving on the loose. Customers often say he never shuts up, with his intense instruction to get the best from every customer!


Bart would be grateful if you could have a look at his Facebook page Anyone who wanted to give any support in Bart's budget would do well to get in touch there!