Record Your Drive.

James Grint


18th August 1990

Road Car

Ford Fiesta Z TechS & Mark 1 Escort Mexico

Rally Car

Mitsibushi Evo 9

Driving History

James has always had a passion for rally driving. When he was young he use to look at the photos of his father rallying in his Mark 1 Escort and he knew that was what he wanted to do. James' first rally experience was testing in a Evo 5 and from his first drive at 18 everyone could see there was a talent. James has a list of titles under his belt. In 2010 he was BTRDA B13 Champions and Junior Champion driving his Evo 4. In the same year he also came 1st overall in the Essex charity stages. 2011 saw him in his new car a evo 9 and he managed to come 5th overall in the BTRDA. In his 3 years of rallying he has only had one roll so far. James is a very laid back instructor and he knows everything there is to about rallying and how to train people in controlling a car on a loose surface.