Your experience will start with a briefing before you buckle up in one of our full spec rally cars to learn the all the skills needed for rallying on a loose gravel stage. Skills include use of the handbrake, left foot breaking. You will then change to a second car and find out the differences between front wheel and rear wheel drive. 


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We will stop for a homemade two course lunch.

You will then be building your speed to go against the clock to find out your best stage time. This will be repeated in the other car so not only can you compare with your fellow drivers you can also see which type of car you are suited too. 

The experience will end with you swapping to the passenger side to experience what it is like to be driven by a professional. 

You will be presented with a certificate featuring your time and the winner of the day will stand on the podium with the winners trophy. 

The whole experience will be recorded for you and you will be able to take your SD cards with footage home with you. 

Drinks will be available throughout the experience. 

Expect to be on site for 6 hours.